Company History

Steve and James started Rapid Rent-A-Ski in the fall of 1992 offering only ski rentals with a service shop in Calgary’s south-west community of Haysboro. From a very humble beginning with hard work, dedication and determination Rapid Rent-A-Ski grew to become a well known and respected ski shop with a reputation of excellent customer service and quality products. It is now a year round business that includes bike rentals, sales and service.

Over time Rapid Rent-A-Ski expanded to include a vast selection of sports rental equipment, both summer and winter. This brought about the need to change the name to simply Rapid Rent. As time passed, the demand to sell new equipment forced the company to expand into retail. This brought about the need for further expansion and a name change. As a result we came up with our present name Rapid Rent / Outlaw Sports. Our original name Rapid Rent was kept to service the 15 years of clientele it has established. Outlaw Sports was added to compliment the theme of a “Western/Cowboy/ Ski Chalet” concept. This has proved to be a huge success with the customers, as the atmosphere inside the store is relaxed and comfortable. We believe it has set a new standard for ski shops in Calgary. At 5400 sq. ft. Rapid Rent/Outlaw Sports has become one of the largest in Calgary.